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Grand Large : detox "Spa + Hotel" package

Do you need a break and some fresh sea air to get back that spring in your step?

The Domaine de Rochevilaine in Billiers, located 20 minutes from Vannes in southern Brittany, is the ideal destination for a relaxing wellness retreat to cleanse your body.


« Croisière Detox Grand Large » package from 1 230 €*  :

  • 4 days (4 nights)
  • Full board (exceptionally a complimentary lunch is included)
  • 12 treatmens per person (1½ hours of treatments the 1st day and 2 hours/day the 3 following days). 


*Price per person (depending on choice of room)

For those travelling alone, no surcharge for a single room!

Offer available throughout the year

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Les Forfaits du Spa Marin

Le Domaine de RochevilaineLe Domaine de RochevilaineLe Domaine de RochevilaineLe Domaine de Rochevilaine